Monday, 23 February 2015

Outfit: In the Mood

Am I committing a massive blogger mistake by uploading an iPhone mirror selfie as my outfit photo? If so, sorry.

I was at a dance workshop all day on Saturday (hence the shoes), and I took this at the empty dance studio during the lunch break because I just really liked my outfit and my hair that day. It's simple and comfortable, but still looks nice. The scallop-edged pencil skirt is from ASOS sales (I couldn't resist when they had extra 10% off sale) and it's my new favourite thing. It's by a brand called Darling and the material is just so lovely and soft. Especially inside the pockets (which obviously meant I kept putting my hands in my pockets all the time throughout the day)! And talking of pockets — can we take a moment to appreciate skirts with pockets? Style, comfort and utility. In other words, perfection.

Please tell me that the scallop trend is here to stay because I still can't get enough! I want all the scallop things. Expect a post with incredibly cute scallop-edged polka dot shorts (which I got in the same ASOS order with the skirt) soon...! Yes, I only buy scallop things now.

Just a quick little update this time. I was ill pretty much all last week and finally got better (and thus got to attend the dance workshop), so I'm excited to actually be able to leave my flat in this week. I do have an essay to hand in and a dissertation to work on, so this excitement might be short-lived, but I'll enjoy it while I can!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Beauty: Showel Gel Problem

I have a problem. I can't stop buying shower gels.

But hey, even if I have more shower gels than I realistically have time to use, at least that means I can show them to you guys and tell you about them (blog post — ta dah!). There is always a silver lining.

TREACLE MOON Warm Apple Pie Hugs and Sweet Blackberry Memories (£2.99, Tesco)

Visiting my local Tesco Extra is dangerous just because of these beauties. Massive 500ml bottles for £2.99 (currently on offer for £2.49 though — even more tempting!), wide array of different scents, all beautifully presented and colourful. Sold. Which is why I have two full size bottles despite the fact that I have almost 1/3 left of my first bottle...

And talking of said first bottle, I'm currently using Warm Cinnamon Nights. The bottle is no longer pretty enough to warrant a photo so you will just have to imagine the red-hued pink gel which creates pink bubbles and smells like cinnamon-flavoured candy: spicy yet sweet. I wish the scent lingered on skin longer, because I want to smell like that all the time. So. Good.

Warm Apple Pie Hugs is a sweet, crisp apple scent reminiscent of Granny Smiths. That said, it doesn't remind me of apple pies. But that's probably just me — I associate apple pie with scent of cinnamon, as I've always had my apple pies sprinkled with cinnamon. It's an addicting scent though, and I'm always a big fan of crisp apple scent. It's so clean and fresh.

Sweet Blackberry Memories is lovely sweet yet fresh scent, and reminds me of a few berry-flavoured green/white teas I've had over the years. Absolute winner. This is definitely a summer scent.

I'm still lusting over The Honeycomb Secret (very similar to LUSH It's Raining Men), but I'll restrain myself (for now). Treacle Moon also gets extra brownie points for being cruelty-free!

SUPER BEAUTY Ginger & Pear (currently on offer for £2.49, normally £4.99, Boots)

Ginger and pear are a combination that I will always love, regardless of the context. Tea, cake, jam, shower gel... I'll have them all. Perfect zing of ginger combined with sweet and juicy scent of pear. I can't wait to try this out!

LUSH Hot Toddy (limited edition, sold out)

I got these from the Christmas sales and boy am I happy I got two small ones instead of just one. I'm a lover of anything spicy and Christmas-y all year round, so these fit the bill perfectly. Bonus points for the glitter. I'm very happy I got the small bottles, as they're perfect for travelling (which has been happening a fair bit lately!).

LUSH Sweetie Pie

This is my second pot of the stuff and I can't get enough. The form (being jelly) takes a little of getting used to, but I think it's quite a fun and original feature. Apparently Sweetie Pie has the same scent as the ever popular The Comforter bubble bar — if so, I can see why it's popular. The scent is amazing. Beautifully sweet, reminding me of a natural version of Ribena (if such existed). Win. Plus, it's glittery jelly!

SOAP&GLORY Orangeasm

Soap&Glory is always a good idea, but when I saw the Orangeasm gift set reduced to 70% off in Boots after New Year, I could hardly pass it by! Especially after seeing everyone and their grandmothers fawning over the smell. Certainly worth the try with that price tag! A lovely fresh citrus scent, and I love the pump bottle design.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Oufit: Spirit of Autumn

Dress: Oasap / Tights: New Look

Despite it being pretty much mid-winter, this outfit made me feel very autumnal. I think it's the vibrant orange colour palette?

I had a realisation that I should have perhaps opened my plaits up a little bit, they're a little too neat for my taste and it's making my hair seems very flat. I have a bad habit of underlining of all the negative sides from my outfits don't I? Dear me. I love the dress. LOVE.

I feel like I'm cheating a little by calling these 'outfit photos' — you can't even see my shoes after all!

Problems with tripods, broken autofocuses and being half-blind: blurry outfit photos. I need a photography buddy (Nick, please move back to UK now).

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lifestyle: Confessions of a Busy Bee

Image via someecards

Turns out that final semester of your final year at Uni is a very busy time. I had my first 500-word deadline for my dissertation today, as well as first day at a new job. There's also an internship application forever hanging over my head. Basically, I've just got a lot on my plate. It's only the third week of term but I feel like I've been buried under a pile of work for months.

But here is a little update anyway. I quite like reminding myself that I do actually do other things than read, write and wail over dissertation proposals and cover letters. Like see friends and make a little effort to enjoy life.

Last week, I booked last minute bus tickets to London (a combination of a bout of midnight madness, temptingly low bus prices and the urge to get out of Aberdeen) for the weekend just gone. Night busing is never great, but somehow it was still worth it. I don't really have any complaints about the Megabus Gold Sleeper Service on the way down, but the regular night bus on the way up made me want to cry with fatigue. But like I said, it was still worth it. I spent two days with a friend, did some little TKMaxx and Wholefoods shopping and went to The Bloggers' Market, which was organised by some of my favourite bloggers (CarrieOliviaDunyaLucy & Kristabel). I made a couple of amazing bargain buys, which will (hopefully) feature in outfit posts soon! To my surprise, I didn't take a single photo (not even with my phone) the entire weekend! But it was nice to just ignore my phone for change and focus on enjoying my time in London with my friend.

Short and sweet this time. Just a little reminder that even though I sometimes feel like I'm being consumed by research, writing and all the pressure, I still have other things in my life. Friends, talking with my boyfriend, events like The Bloggers' Market or a dance workshop that I'll be attending in Edinburgh this weekend, clothes... and of course this blog. My little space to come and talk about things that are a little less "grimm" than Little Red Riding Hood (being oh so clever with my fairy tales references).