Saturday, 9 January 2016

Home: Living Room Snapshots

I wanted to do a sort-of house tour at some point when I felt that we'd finished decorating. We're now about 6 months in to living here, and I still feel like it's unfinished. I still have photos I haven't put up, and things I'd like to arrange differently (even if we already did a little re-arrange pre- and post-Christmas tree) or things I'd like to get. Maybe this is how it always is.

I took a few photos of our living room one Saturday ages ago now, after I'd tidied up and it was looking quite nice. Despite the fact that it's been months and we've had some additions and changes since I took the photos, I still wanted to share them. A little snapshot into our little home!

Don't be fooled by the "bright light" coming through the window. Being absolutely minuscule, the window let very little light in and the flat is actually a bit like a cave.

My boyfriend despairs over what he calls my pillow hoarding. I haven't bought any new ones since I filled the sofa, so I really don't know what he complains about.

The sofa is like a sample of the colours I wanted for the living room: grey, yellow, turquoise. Now also with little touches of copper, consisting of a lantern and the inside of our IKEA ceiling light (this one, which actually looks much nicer in real life). And an unhung picture frame.

My friend got me this beautiful Orla Kiely flower vase as a birthday present. She knows me so well.

The copper lantern!

Hope you enjoyed these little snapshots into our home.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Blenheim Palace Revisited

(I know Christmas is over but bear with me for one festive throwback)

On one blustery winter's day, just before Christmas, a pair of total homebodies decided to leave their home to find something slightly more exciting and festive to do than watch TV. This pair of homebodies was of course, my boyfriend and I. On our last visit to Blenheim Palace, at the height of summer when it was incredibly hot (and I vividly remember physically melting in the butterfly house), we got our day passes changed to annual passes (for free!) and vowed to return.

It took us about six months, but we did. What a sharp contrast there was between the visits though! It was absolutely freezing this time around, for a start. The buildings were decked out with Christmas trees and there was a band playing Christmas carols — so festive!

I'm not serious enough fashion blogger to take my coat off on a freezing winter's day. But I love my (old) Topshop duffle coat, (old) ASOS tartan scarf, (newish) Nica bag and (oldish) Primark boots, so I'm not too apologetic. Outerwear deserves some love too!

Shirt: Mango | Jumper: Louche | Skirt: Forever21
Got inside and managed to shed the coat! 

 Can I have a personal library please? Preferably complete with antique armchairs.